Electrical Certificate Templates Free To Download

Designed by Andrew Hedges, RH Electrical Services.


I have created a number of commonly used electrical certificate templates, which I designed for my sole purpose, however it seems a shame to keep them to myself! So, I offer them to you, free of charge, to download and use for your personal use within your business. I only ask that you don't resale them on.


Aimed for the Electrician, please help yourself by downloading the required files.

I have designed them on a Mac, with a free program called Libre Office. This will need to be downloaded in order to open the files. Once you load the program, the general layout of the certificate will be there and you are free to edit it how you wish. For instance, you may wish to change the colour of the certificate, default is red, add logos, or any other little details you wish. The certificates are my design, but are based on the NICEIC ones, which are in turn based on BS7671.


Once the certificate is filled in you can then easily, with Libre office, export the certificate as a nice, neat and tidy PDF for printing or directly forwarding via email to your customers. I tend to save the completed certificate as two files: 1 x Original file format, so I can re-edit if required. 1 x PDF. So I can forward a completed certificate without any other page disturbance.


As mentioned, these have been designed for Libre office on a Mac. Libre Office for Windows is availabe but I haven't been able t test the full functionality of it. If anyone is willing to try and let me know, I would be greatful to hear back.


If there are any problems with using them, feel free to contact me via the contact form and I will help where I can.


Example of Certificate:pdf icon electrical certificate link


Step 1. Download Libre Office for Mac or Download Libre Office for Windows.

Step 2. Download the free certificate templates below and open with Libre Office.

Step 3. Fill out certificate, or first fill out a certificate with a template of your own for common values etc

Step 4. Save PDF version and Email to customer.